Shutters And Blinds

Full Height Shutters

Shutter panels are split into sections, with separate tilt rods. Usually supplied with a mid- rail if the window is significantly tall.

Café Style Shutters

Café Style Shutters cover the bottom half of the window, leaving the upper half with no shutters. Ideal for ground level.

Tier on Tier Shutters

The perfect answer if you need maximum flexibility. The individual upper and lower panels can be opened and close in any combination.

Solid Panels Shutters

Solid panels offer total privacy, near blackout conditions, a high level of security, and keep external noise levels to a minimum.

Special Shapes Shutters

Designed individually to fit any shape or size of window, Special shapes shutters and are the perfect answer for problem windows.

Venetian Blinds

A contemporary but stylish wooden or faux wood blind in numerous colours that suits most properties.

Vertical Binds

An affordable blind for commercial and private properties that adds privacy and ease of use.

Roller Blinds

Add colour and ease to any room with different prints and affordability

Roman Blinds

Beautiful stunning folded material, handmade to order and lifts all rooms with a touch of class and sanctification.

Day/Night Blinds

A modern interpretation of roller blinds that can be used down for privacy, up for light or partially open the strips to let some light in.